Friday, March 23, 2007

No Excuses Mister!

Better late than never as the old saying goes. I've been keeping current with the gis class but somehow unable to figure out something as simple as how to post to a blog. Strange as it may seem I've been in the computer business for almost a decade and should be able to figure out something as easy as blogging. Until today, to no avail.

Rather than continue with some lame excuse as to why I've not blogged yet I'll refer to a saying my dad used to say while I was growing up and in trouble with some silly made up excuse, he knew I was full of canal water.

Excuses only satisfy those who make them.

Having said that I will be posting the maps from the assignments in the following posts in kind of a catch up fashion. Some may vary slightly from the assigned material due to the fact I've been using 9.1 on my laptop and 9.2 in class. The material on my pin drive (from class) will not open on my laptop but work from my laptop will open in class, thus the cause of some discrepancy (was that just an excuse, mister?) .

One last thing... This class has opened my eyes to just how incredible gis really is!

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